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Publishing The Word For You Today daily devotional
and caring for orphaned children in Romania

About Us

Founded over 30 years ago, Bob Gass Ministries offers spiritual help and encouragement to those in need. Bob's passion for the spiritual needs of others has shaped Bob Gass Ministries into the worldwide ministry it is today.
The Word For You Today, also authored by Bob Gass, publishes millions of daily devotionals every quarter in many languages and adaptations. This "cutting edge" devotional offers people from all walks of life, strength and guidance for daily living.
Bob Gass is known for his inspiring, thought-provoking messages, and has authored over 30 books and produced an extensive library of teaching audios, videos, and compact discs. This wealth of resources is available to enhance your daily walk with God.
For many years, Bob Gass Ministries has been instrumental in bringing hope to the hopeless. They have a transitional home for orphans and abandoned children in Romania called The Village of Hope that rescues over 250 at risk children each year and places them into foster families
The heartbeat of Bob Gass Ministries is: (1) offering strength and guidance for daily living through The Word For You Today; (2) spiritual growth through the many books; (3) opportunities for involvement in international missions projects.
The Bob Gass Ministries/Word For You Today team is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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